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Notes of Appreciation
“Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.” ~Eckhart Tolle

Recent expressions of appreciation:


“Thank you Malia. I am experiencing less pain and I feel ready to continue my cancer treatments"

Theresa W.

“I was a little skeptical before I had my first Therapeutic Touch session but now I feel that the treatments can help me cope with the health issues I am experiencing. I feel more positive and I am now  gradually getting back to my regular routines".

Teresa G.


"My daughter S. had a wonderful day after her session. She was very positive, seemed calmer and was in a very happy mood, which was a joy to see. Furthermore, S's teacher said that my daughter seems to be more focused in class. I've also noticed that S. has been more affectionate and loving towards me, which is really nice; especially because at this moment we are experiencing a lot of tension in our family."

Carol S.

"The past session for my son and I (reiki for mother and son session) was such a wonderful experience. It certainly brought us closer together. After we left, my boy told me how much he enjoyed the experience; he also wants to do it again. He said it made him feel very calm and relaxed, which is something we are trying to achieve at this moment.  It's very important that he finds some peace and more balance."

Alicia R.

“Thank you Malia for last week's session. I returned home experiencing a sense of wellbeing and I am walking with less pain on my feet."

Gina R.

“My mother is feeling much better after receiving her third Therapeutic Touch. Her wounds are healing with no signs of infection".

Alison S.








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