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Healing is often the result of gentle shifts in awareness, release of emotional patterns and reaching new understandings.

You may choose Therapeutic Touch® or Reiki for self-care, to attain and maintain balance, to reduce stress, and to achieve a general sense of wellbeing; or you may want a holistic approach to help you with the symptoms of a particular health condition, and to aid you with the side effects of medications.


Whatever your reasons are, you will find that Therapeutic Touch and Reiki will help. Every treatment is unique to each individual and  you will experience each session differently. After treatments, clients often report feeling warm and profoundly relaxed and describe a floating sensation; others,  fall asleep and some experience emotional release. During each session of  40 to 50 minutes you rest fully clothed on a massage table or on a comfortable chair.


Just like meditation, acupuncture and massage, the effects of Therapeutic Touch and Reiki are cumulative. While one session can work wonders, repeated and regular Reiki treatments can poof significant improvement.


Therapeutic Touch and Reiki are not a replacement for standard medical care. They are complementary treatments that work on their own or to support standard medical and psychological treatments. 


Following are answers to three of the frequently asked questions I hear regarding Therapeutic Touch and Reiki:


What is better- Therapeutic Touch or Reiki? Let's start by saying that one is no better than the other. Both therapies are equally recognized as useful complementary therapies to traditional medical care.


How do they differ from each other? The distinction between Therapeutic Touch and Reiki - mainly resides in the philosophy of the disciplines and the way practitioners are trained; for the receiver, the outcome is basically the same. Of most importance is the practitioner’s commitment to helping others heal and your connection with her/him. More..


How do Therapeutic Touch and Reiki work?

Science still doesn't know the mechanisms of action for Therapeutic Touch and Reiki; however both modalities are recognized and used as complementary therapies in many prestigious health centers in North America, Europe and elsewhere.


The medical consensus of no risk, no harm, and the strength of anecdotal evidence and evidence based results in Reiki and Therapeutic Touch respectively, position both modalities in the list of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM)


Therapeutic Touch and Reiki are safe:

  • Non medical contradictions associated with both treatments. 

  • Non manipulative is part of the sessions; only light contact and off the body hoovering.

  • No substance is absorbed or swallowed as part of TT and Reiki.



“not everything that counts can be counted

and not everything that can be counted, counts” 

A. Einstein


Reiki Treatment

“Thank you Malia. I am experiencing less pain; I am confident to continue my cancer treatments"

Theresa W.

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