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EVENTS - Sharing the knowledge

2020 - Oaxaca- México 

In January of this year, Malia returned to Oaxaca, Mexico, where she facilitated an introduction to Therapeutic Touch for Self-Care.

This workshop was part of International Women’s Day weekend and was delivered to an enthusiastic and caring group of women, who very much look forward to the next presentation in 2021.


The workshop was based on Crystal Hawk & Alison Cooke's book: Be Your Own Healer - Self-care with Therapeutic Touch


To resume the work she started last year at the Hospital de la Niñez Oaxaqueña - cancer unit, Malia met with nurses at that hospital again. This time to speak about Therapeutic Touch for Self-Care and to plant the seeds for 2021, when she plans to return.


2019 - Therapeutic Touch Awareness Week, Toronto, Canada

To raise awareness about Therapeutic Touch, Malia organized an afternoon presentation at Wellspring Toronto, where she offers treatments once a week to cancer patients and caregivers. The presentation was guided by two of her colleagues, also Therapeutic Touch practitioners.

2019 - Hospital de la Niñes Oaxaqueña - Oaxaca, Mexico

During the months of February and March 2019, Malia provided Therapeutic Touch to nurses in the Oncology and Palliative care at a children's hospital.

“..some times we have a brief moment to speak amongst ourselves and about a patient; to share our feelings about those who didn’t make it.

We also suffer when a patient goes.. for instance a little while ago, I came to my shift and one of the young girls I cared for was gone.. and I had no time to grieve. I didn’t even had the opportunity to say goodbye to her or to her family who I got to know during treatments and hospitalization”.



2019 - Universidad del Adulto Mayor - Oaxaca, Mexico

Ms. Ronderos offered a seminar on Reiki in medicine at the UNIDAM in Oaxaca Mexico; the workshop gathered a number of adults interested in learning about complementary and alternative options to healthcare.

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