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Therapeutic Touch - Hospital in Oaxaca

“..some times we have a brief moment to speak amongst ourselves and about a patient; to share our feelings about those who didn’t make it.

We also suffer when a patient goes.. for instance a little while ago, I came to my shift and one of the young girls I cared for was gone.. and I had no time to grieve. I didn’t even had the opportunity to say goodbye to her or to her family who I got

to know during treatments and hospitalization”.


Painting by Diego Rivera

The director of the Oncology Department recognizes the need  to provide support to nurses who are at the forefront of their unit.


Because of the limited financial and human resources available in these hospitals, nurses don’t have access to counselling or other means to process the pain and suffering they witness and experience.


About 30 nurses provide care at the Hospital de la Ninez - Oncology ward. Their deep and genuine commitment to their profession is inspiring. Their good nature and warmth makes it a very special place to volunteer.


The goal is to offer Therapeutic Touch® to help nurses reduce stress, to improve their personal well-being, and to avoid potential burnout.

This trial offers nurses Therapeutic Touch for one month, three times a week so nurses working in the morning and afternoon and have the chance to receive 30 minute session before or after their shift.

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