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The Distinction Between Therapeutic Touch® (TT)

and Reiki

This is a question if often hear.  My answer is that there should be no confusion  between which one is better. The difference between Reiki and Therapeutic Touch mainly resides in the philosophic basis of the disciplines and the way practitioners are trained; for the receiver, the outcome is basically the same. Of most importance is your practitioner’s commitment to helping others heal and your connection with her.


The following is a summary of an article about the distinctions between  Therapeutic Touch and Reiki, published in the Clinical Journal of Oncology.

Therapeutic Touch and 

Modalities                          Reiki                                            Therapeutic Touch

Definition            A spiritually directed healing                 A healing practice deduced

                              practice, originated by an Eastern        from observing a spiritual

                              spiritual healer. Applicable to all           healer, inductively

                              religions and traditions.                          developed by nurses, and

                                                                                                  applicable to all religions                                                                                                              and traditions. 

Techniques​​       Hands on or off with no specific             Hand off with an assessment

                            assessment completed.                           completed.

                            The practitioner may place and             An intentionally directed

                            hold their hands on a particular            process of energy exchange. 

                            area.                                                            The practitioner uses her 

                            The practitioner follows intuition.          hands, as a focus to facilitate

                                                                                                 the healing process.

Intentionality    The practitioner allows the flow            The practitioner directs the 

                            of energy, or Reiki, to go where             flow.

                            is needed the most.

Outcome         Relaxation, decrease in anxiety,              Relaxation, decrease in 

                          and increase in well-being                       anxiety, and increase in

                          and healing.                                                well-being and healing.

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