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Attuning for Wellness in Mexico

January to March 2020 - Oaxaca- México 

Malia offered  a workshop based on Crystal Hawk & Alison Cooke's book: Be Your Own Healer - Self-care with Therapeutic Touch  to a group of women of all ages and backgrounds who gathered at her place to learn, practice and share the experience of healing and their ancestral knowledge.

2019 - Universidad del Adulto Mayor - Oaxaca, Mexico

Malia offered workshops on the healing benefits of Reiki and other holistic practices at the UNIDAM in Oaxaca Mexico.  The Universidad de Adulto Mayor is a non-for-profit organization offering seminars and courses to older women and men interested in learning and exploring new and ancestral practices and concepts. 

Painting by Diego Rivera

2019 - Hospital de la Niñez Oaxaqueña. Oaxaca, Mexico

During the months of February and March, Malia offered 50+ Therapeutic Touch sessions to nurses  and doctors working in the cancer unit at the HNO in San Bartolo Coyotepec.  

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