I am a Holistic Practitioner licensed in the City of Toronto, a Reiki Master, and a Therapeutic Touch® practitioner offering treatments at Wellspring Downtown, an organization providing "programs and services to meet the social, emotional, restorative needs of people living with cancer."


Due to COVID, I continue my practice offering "distant" sessions for self-care; and in addition I am also offering grief counselling and support online: 



Over twenty-five years ago, while I was studying at Simon Fraser University for my bachelor’s degree in social sciences, I was introduced for the first time to the healing techniques of Usui Reiki; at that time, I took some training and become a regular receiver as I was dealing with some physical discomforts due to my physical activities. Later on, I learned about Therapeutic Touch; a healing modality which was already being offered by a nurse friend who showed me the techniques and offered me some very healing treatments.

"I strongly believe in the holistic approach—known as Complementary Medicine—to medical care and its use in combination with conventional treatments. During my professional years as a youth counsellor, I frequently offered Reiki to help ease clients’ struggles with stress and anxiety.


Later on while I facing a serious illness and without hesitation, I integrated Therapeutic Touch and Reiki treatments on a weekly basis; I integrated both modalities were part of my plan to recovery. My positive experiences and the benefits my family and I received are affirmations that these healing techniques work.

Deeply inspired by my professional and personal experiences, I decided to advance my skills in Therapeutic Touch and Reiki and become a holistic practitioner.

I invite you to attune yourself to wellness with Therapeutic Touch and Reiki. Every session is individualized and focuses on relaxing; healing; and balancing your body, mind, and spirit".

Malia C. Ronderos RMT

Registered Holistic Practitioner, City of Toronto

Reiki Master Teacher

Therapeutic Touch Practitioner

Youth and Family Counsellor

Entrepreneur and activist. 



The Therapeutic Touch Network of Ontario

Therapeutic Touch International Association

Canadian Reiki Association

Canadian Reiki Society